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If you don’t know exactly what music you want you are encouraged to visit the BAS Publishing website.  You will be able to browse their many selections, see publisher’s list prices and in most cases listen to audio samples.  But, don’t forget to return here to purchase your selections at our discounted prices.

I am excited to be able to offer choir and orchestra music from BAS Publishing at substantial discounts on this site, generally 30% off publisher prices.

BAS Publishing exists in order to fill a void in band literature which is the lack of good Solos with Band accompaniment.

Check out their repertoire of SOLOS with Band Accompaniment,  28 different standard repertoire solos in the original keys as found on state Solo & Ensemble lists.  We also have 15 other solos with band that are either arrangements of piano pieces, such as Granados Spanish Dance #5 for Euphonium (or Trombone or Trumpet) and band or original works such as Vlonkov for Timpani and Band or Storm Dance for Oboe and Band.

Our SOLO SERIES features solos complete with band accompaniment by such composers as Strauss, Vivaldi, von Weber, Handel, Granados, Marcello, Telemann, Faure’, Mozart and Beethoven.

Our MARCH SERIES features original marches by Charles T. Yeago and Richard D. Wetzel.

Our CONCERT SERIES features both original works and transcriptions. We have many of the transcriptions of the late Mark F. Walker and works by Paul R. Brink, Jay Glossup, Dan Rager and Peter Rauch.

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