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If you don’t know exactly what music you want you are encouraged to visit Jeff Cranfill’s website.  You will be able to browse his many selections, see publisher’s list prices and in most cases listen to audio samples.  But, don’t forget to return here to purchase your selections at our discounted prices.

I am excited to be able to offer choir and orchestra music from Jeff Cranfill Music at substantial discounts on this site, generally 20% off publisher prices.

Instrumental Resources for Worship, Concert & Development

Jeff Cranfill is a composer and arranger of music for orchestras, concert bands, choirs, instrumental solos and ensembles.  Jeff Cranfill Music is one of the leading publishers of music for church orchestra and is one of the longest standing publishers of new music for church orchestras. He now also produces recordings in Logic using many of the East-West instrument libraries.

You may have seen other Jeff Cranfill pieces for church orchestra, concert band, and other ensembles published by several companies. Now more pieces are available direct from us. Visit his site often to hear the latest titles.

These pieces work well for use in worship services, concerts, and special programs – they have stood the test of being used in many churches, schools, universities, and Seminaries all over the country, and in many places around the world.

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