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If you don’t know exactly what music you want you are encouraged to visit the Lifeway website.  You will be able to browse through thousands of selections, to see publisher’s list prices and in most cases listen to audio samples.  But, don’t forget to return here to purchase your selections at our discounted prices.

Choral music collections and individual anthems from Lifeway, Genevox & Church Street Music, Non-Choral Listening CDs and cassettes, Drama & Worship resources, Keyboard books, Songbooks with CDs, Spin360 and even vocal folios & anthem binders are all 30% off list price.

Promo paks (book and listening CD combos / limit – 1 per title), bulk choral listening CDs and cassettes (10 or more), and most Children’s Music products (such as Made for Praise cassette boxes and kits for the Dovetailor), Made for Praise Leaders Guides, the Oasis Project and all You Can! Kits are 20% off.

Accompaniment tracks, Rehearsal tracks, Videos and DVDs are 15% off and Orchestrations are discounted 10%.

Other products, such as Youth and Senior Adult Choir anthems and collections and hymnals, are discounted as well.

A word about Genevox Music: While LifeWay still distributes Genevox products, they have moved many, if not most Genevox anthems and choral collections to “permanently out-of-print” status and therefore many of the “old favorites” are no longer available for purchase.  I am able to contact my rep at LifeWay to determine the status and availability of Genevox products, so please ask ~ just realize that in all likelihood the older Genevox products will no longer be available.  However, if you have an original or a copy of a Genevox product that is out-of-print, it is very likely that you could get permission from LifeWay to make your own copies.  I can help direct you to the proper office that grants those permissions, so don’t hesitate to ask.  There is normally a per-copy fee that you would pay directly to LifeWay for this.

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