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If you don’t know exactly what music you want you are encouraged to visit the TRN website.  You will be able to browse their many selections, see publisher’s list prices and in most cases listen to audio samples.  But, don’t forget to return here to purchase your selections at our discounted prices.

I am excited to be able to offer choir and orchestra music from TRN Music at substantial discounts on this site, generally 20% off publisher prices.

TRN ~ for the Love of Music

Located in the Rocky Mountains of southern New Mexico, TRN Music Publisher, Inc. has been dedicated to publishing fine Band and Orchestra music since 1973. TRN is perhaps more known for its European and more difficult and lengthy works, but is steadily publishing more and more young band and orchestra pieces. TRN’s Music challenges not only advanced groups, but provides motivational music for young ensembles as well.  In the last few years, TRN has added to its catalogue almost 100 orchestral pieces as well as excellent grade 1-3 band pieces to meet the needs of the many fine orchestra programs and young school bands. The objective of TRN continues to be to make some contribution, hopefully significant, to the literature of the band/wind ensemble and orchestra.

Band Music ~ For performing middle school & high school bands, small ensembles, and university wind ensembles, our selection of sheet music can accommodate any skill level or interest.

Orchestra Music ~ From classical sheet music transcriptions to original orchestral works, TRN can supply your string and full orchestra music needs from the beginner to the advanced ensemble.

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